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District 3 || Male Tribute || Blaise Lixus || 16 || Intelligence & Boomerang

Bio: Blaise had always lived a very simple and relatively boring life; in fact the only true bit of excitement came from the Games that were held every year and from a young age he was fascinated by the science behind the arena’s and mutts. It became an obsession for the young boy; watching the games and working out all the different probabilities for each of the tributes, studying the past arenas and the mechanics behind it all in his spare time and even drawing up his own designs for arenas for fun. Like most of the youth in his District he was exceptionally good academically, however rather than planning to follow in his parents footsteps his Career Ambitions had always rested in the Capitol itself – a goal he was warned against sharing with others for fear they’d take it the wrong way – he longed to have a part in the games, to use the technology and science they did to create the arenas. It wasn’t unheard of for those from his home to be used to help create the Games however this was usually against their will, it was seen that being ‘chosen’ to help was a terrible fate and not something anyone would ever hope for. 

Personality: Quiet, focused and hard working – Blaise is never more at home than when he has a pen and pad in his hand to jot down his thoughts and theories. While he’s not a social person he is in no way rude or withdrawn, he’s simply come to terms with the fact most people do not find his preferred topics of conversation interesting and would rather not be a bother or bore. Nothing excites him more than mathematics, gadgets or theories and should you get him talking about anything remotely scientific or focusing on numbers & probabilities you’ll have a hard time getting him to stop. Gentle but rational and sometimes over analytical; while he believes in being a moral person he has a very black & white view of what is right and wrong based on nothing more than facts as he is never one to allow emotion blind his rational thinking and judgement. 


Strength: 3

Agility: 2

Survival Skills: 1

Hand to Hand Combat: 1

Fitness Level: 3

Hand-Eye Coordination: 4

Mental Strength: 4

Intelligence: 5

Speed: 3

Charisma: 2

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